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Dicas Estranhas de Beleza

Sempre que abrimos o Instagram vemos algumas Dicas bem peculiares de Beleza, algumas envolvem receitas simples e outras bem bizarras, o mais estranho em tudo isso é que parecem mesmo funcionar. No post de hoje selecionei algumas dessas Dicas bem estranhas de beleza para quem sabe você testar em casa, assim como eu pretendo fazer.

1 INGREDIENT TO GET RID OF DULL DRY SKIN + DRY ITCHY SCALP! ✔️ My scalp and skin get so dry + itchy cuz that cold winter wind just slaps you! Dont cash me ousside in this weather how bow dah. Here's how to treat the dry itchiness ALL YOU NEED: 🐑GOAT MILK - if you are vegan, use RICE MILK🍚 🐳To make it thicker I use a natural thickening agent (xantham gum) cuz filming this is very messy, you dont NEED it, cuz you should be doing this in the tub or sink. 🐐Apply the milk to your scalp (apply it all over your hair if your just using the milk. I soaked my hair in the milk after i filmed this process.. i couldnt show that on camera cuz i didnt want my floor to be covered in goat milk lol) #diystruggle 🐼Apply the rest to your face as a mask ⏰LEAVE BOTH on for min 10 minutes 🚿Wash it off in shower - use a mild shampoo if youre mixing it with xantham gum. If youre JUST using the milk, then you can skip shampoo. Do what makes you feel comfortable :)🍼🍼🍼 🍦Your skin will feel so soft, the dry patches will be gone and it wont be itchy anymore! Youll also have a glow that will last for days! 🐒Sadly, I cant show itch on the gram, but after I used this there was no scalp itch and it felt nice and clean and my hair felt amazing. My dry patches in my chin were gone too! ❓WHY THIS WORKS⁉️ GOAT MILK is: -high in fatty acids and has a pH similar to our skin so it penetrates easily -contains selenium which fights free radicals and KILLS acne, and removes dandruff and boosts hair growth -rejuvenates scalp to give life and body to the hair -nourishes dry scalp with the moisture it needs -gives hair a beautiful shine and penetrates into the shaft for healthy looking hair - helps reduce and soothe acne because its high in vitamin A and B vitamins -softens and instantly moisturizes skin - brightens skin -high in alpha hydroxy acids that help rejuvenate skin cells = exfoliates the skin to reveal fresh, new skin ❤like this vid if you enjoyed it fam! Tag a friend who's feeling dry 😔👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽 Disclaimer: As with any skin care regimen, always do a test patch first to see if your skin is allergic to any of the ingredients.
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🐡Get rid of PUFFY EYES and DARK CIRCLES instantly!🐼 👀Ive seen these patches all over social media while people are doing their make up, so I thought id DIY them for less than $10 to make and you can use it over 40 times! Each use is like a couple cents!! vs. $20+ to buy one time use!! They stay in place so you can do your eye make up while they decrease puffiness + dark circles and brighten those under eyes up to look fresh and awake! 😱😱ps. you wont see a drastic before and after ON ME -because a sis is just here tryna help the fam. I dont have super puffy eyes + my dark circles have been pretttttty good lately *knock on wood ..ya girl been sleepin gewwwwwd..* the ingredients are MAJOR for those of you who have puffiness and dark circles - Even if you don't have dark circles or puffy eyes, this is a great preventative/ treatment! ALL YOU NEED: 💧WATER (i used 1/2 cup) 🐸☕️BLACK TEA or COFFEE -HIGH caffeine is key 🍟POTATO STARCH (i used 1tbs) ✅Steep black tea in hot water ✅once its brewed add potato starch ✅Let it start to boil - AS SOON AS you see bubbles on the outer part its DONE. ✅Mix together to create a jelly DO NOT OVER BOIL. this process takes LESS than 5 mins ✅Transfer your mixture to a bowl (something with a lid so u can store leftovers for later) let it cool ✅Apply on undereyes and do your eye make up or whatever you wanna do while it sits there ✅Peel off and gooooo. no mess. 💯WHY THIS WORKS:💯 CAFFIENE is the MAIN ingredient in a lot of under eye creams/patches because it instantly awakens the undereye (its an anti-inflammatory) and reduces puffiness significantly. it also increases circulation, is an antioxidant and fills in and plumps any lines/wrinkles under the eye, and reduces dark circles Potato starch nourishes the skin while allowing the undereye to suck in all that goodness from the caffeine. Its also the ingredient that helps this eye patch stay in place 👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽TAG A PUFFY EYED FRIEND IN NEED! and like this VID FOR MORE! 👍🏾👍🏾 Disclaimer: TEST PATCH FIRST. ALWAYS.
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E aí, o que achou? Será que essas dicas funcionam? Se você já testou comenta aí o resultado! Selecionei só duas, mas no Instagram da Farah Dhukai tem muitas mais!

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